The Sapphire Wellness Watch

The Wellograph Watch

Wellograph is an activity tracker, a heart rate monitor and a running watch in one that delivers live, insightful information about the wearer's activity through simple infographic interface.

More Than An Activity Tracker.

Track quantity AND quality. Wellograph tells not just how much you move, but more importantly, how hard you exercise.

Know Your Heart.

See what your resting heart rate is. It records your pulse all day at differing frequencies based on how active you are. See your current, high/low and average pulse in each day.

Get glanceable information based on your activity.

As you walk, the pedometer information kicks in automatically, all without pressing any button.

Nudge You Toward Better Health.

When you've been idled or sitting at your desk for too long, Wellograph gently reminds you to become active. Move more. Sit less. Better health.

Work or Play. One watch for every occasion.

The watch's minimal design fits confidently in any occasions. It's an "all the time" wearable.

How It Works

At the watch back is a Tri­-LED Heart Rate Sensor integrated into a soft spherical surface, which replicates the action of a doctor using his/her fingertip to feel a pulse. This unique hardware design allows for an accurate reading of the heart signals. By looking at heart rate information in response to activities, you can see how your fitness has changed or improved over time. The better conditioned you are, the lower your resting heart rate is.

How accurate is it (?)

The Design

The Wellograph design conceptualises a healthy heartbeat and represents it through gentle convex surfaces, the tactile sensation of a pulse pushing upward.

The Heart Pumped Surface is designed into all of the high­ touched areas, such as the domed sapphire crystal, the machined aluminum side buttons, and the aluminum case back. The spherically cut part-line divides the top and the bottom watchcase, creating a two­-tone finish that enhances the thinness of the watch.

  1. Sapphire Crystal

    Spherical sapphire crystal for maximum display protection and aesthetic effect.

  2. Stainless Steel

    Machined stainless steel upper case with mirror polish finish. Optimized for strength and thinness.

  3. Aluminum

    Anodized aluminum lower case with matte finish. Nickel-free. Optimized for lightness and skin contact.

Spherical Sapphire Crystal

Every Wellograph is fitted with specially-shaped sapphire crystal. Sapphire is a material with exceptional physical, optical and chemical properties. We purposely selected it as the screen cover for its remarkable hardness that is second only to diamonds. It is significantly harder than chemically strengthened glass and many times costlier to produce. The spherical sapphire crystal covers the entire front creating a stunning face that will remain intact from scratches and wear for years to come.

For Running & Workouts

Wellograph is also a full-featured running watch. It functions as a stopwatch while you run showing live stats such as current pace and distance covered. Once you finish the run, it will automatically provide useful summary stats such as top speed achieved, heart rate info and calories burned.

Home Screen

Digital clock, battery level, date and the heart icon showing how much you have used your heart today.

Idle Time

How long you have been idle? Wellograph reminds you to sit less, move more and get active.


Your steps information is shown automatically as soon as you start walking.

Activity Summary

How much of your day is idle vs. active, in hours and minutes.

Today View

How many calories you have burned each hour and your total for the day.

Week View

How much have you exercised this week? One screen tells all. (frequency, intensity and time)


Your current pulse in beats per minute. The high, average, and resting heart rate each day.


Your exercise score based on how much aerobic activity you did today.


After extended use, Wellograph will estimate your true fitness age and rank your cardiovascular fitness.


How much you walk today vs yesterday vs the set goal.


In running/stopwatch mode. Showing live stats such as current pace and distance covered.

Run Stats

See nice summary stats after your run. Top pace, average pace, total calories burned and a lot more.

The Wellograph App

The app's home screen conveniently summarizes your week and shows today's exercise score. The information is presented as easily-digestible cards. You can easily share them with friends. All your runs, stats and workout details including heart rate zones are saved.

Freedom for All OSes.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Wellograph love and support them all. Why a watch has to be tied to any particular platform, right? Wellograph is an independent product after all. You can access all the functions right on your wrist. And when you want further data interaction, Wellograph syncs effortlessly with a smartphone on a platform of your choice.


1.26 inch low-power LCD with integrated backlight


Sapphire crystal, Stainless steel, and Aluminum

Strap Choices:

All-weather genuine leather/NATO strap


Comfortable for a wide range of men’s and women’s wrist

Strap circumference, 6 - 8.5 inch (15.2 - 21.5 cm).


Tri­-LED heart­ rate sensor, 9­-axis motion sensor


Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Data Capacity:

4 ­month record for continuous use

Water Resistance:

5ATM water resistance (up to 50 meters or 160 feet)

Battery Life:

7 days per charge

Battery Capacity:

210 mAH


Magnetic charging dock with Micro USB power adapter

Watch Dimension:

42 x 33 x 12.5mm (1.65 x 1.30 x 0.5 inch)

Watch Weight:

3.52 ounce (55 grams)

What's In The box

Wellograph Watch

Charging Dock

Micro USB cable

User Guide

Box Dimension:

4 1/4 x 4 1/4 x 3 1/16 inches

108 x 108 x 78 mm.

Box Weight:

11.3 Ounces

320 grams

7 Days Per Charge.

Wellograph lasts up to 7 days on one full charge at continuous use.

As you dock the watch, Wellograph's display will rotate to function as a nice landscape analog clock. The vertical, magnetic dock is included with every Wellograph. Designed to support both tang and folding buckle watch straps.


When will my Wellograph ship?

The Wellograph will start shipping in July.

Can you tell me more about the shipping option?

We will use DHL Global mail and will take no more than two weeks to arrive. For faster delivery you can select the expedited option and it will arrive in 2-3 business days from our facility in California.

What is the product warranty?

It comes with one year standard warranty.

What is the return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your Wellograph for any reason, you may return your undamaged Wellograph with its included accessories and packaging within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. Shipping and handling are non-refundable.

Can I swim with my Wellograph?

Waterproof up to 50 meters or 165 feet. You should use it with the Sport Nato strap (optional accessory).

How tight should my Wellograph be?

Snug, but not uncomfortable. The Wellograph should not slide or shake around on your wrist when you’re moving, but it should not cut off blood flow either.

Can it tell me my blood pressure? Blood sugar?

No, just continuous heart-rate, activity, steps and running watch functions.

Will it tell me if I have a heart problem or a medical condition?

No, Wellograph is not considered a medical device and should not be used for monitoring or treating a medical condition.

Is it compatible with my phone?

The app is compatible with iOS and Android phones, and connects via Bluetooth. The Windows Phone app should be available when Wellograph ships to customers in July.