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Allswell Luxe Mattress Review: Unveiling Comfort, Quality, and Value

As the home editor of Insider, I’ve noticed that high-quality mattresses tend to be more expensive. In spite of my belief that it’s wise to spend at least a little bit more on a high-quality mattress that you’ll sleep on night after night for a decade or more, we were able to locate seven excellent options for less than $500 that we included in our top-rated inexpensive mattress guide.

For $350 for a queen, you can get an extremely comfortable mattress from Allswell, which our sleep reporter recommended as the best overall option in that guide. You can read our full review of the Allswell mattress here. Although the Allswell Luxe, an upgraded model, is said to be far softer, our primary gripe is that it isn’t soft enough for side sleepers. Although the Luxe starts at $550 for a queen, you can frequently discover it on sale for around $400, making it an excellent choice for those on a budget or in the middle of the pricing range.

Our sleep reporter suggested the Luxe when I was given the duty of furnishing our guest bedroom with a mattress in a hurry and on a budget. Even though we frequently receive mattresses for free to evaluate, I paid for this one out of my own cash and picked it up the same day from Walmart after placing my online order. Continue reading to learn about my years of using the Allswell Luxe and what our sleep reporter thought of it when he tried it for the first time in 2020.

Motion Isolation

You won’t be as bothered by your partner’s nighttime tossing and turning or your pet’s movement across the bed because of the mattress’s reasonable motion isolation provided by its individually wrapped coils. In addition to getting a good night’s sleep on this mattress, reviewers noted that they were undisturbed by motion during the night.


While it doesn’t have any cooling properties, the combination of memory foam and metal coils in the mattress makes it more breathable than an all-foam model. According to our survey participants and testers, the bed kept them at a reasonable temperature all night long. Additionally, one GH analyst, who admits to being a sweaty sleeper, said that the mattress doesn’t keep her warm like other foam models she’s used.


For exceptional support and comfort, choose the Allswell Luxe, a hybrid mattress that combines springs with memory foam. Wrapped coils (to lessen the likelihood of that annoying spring mattress squeak) and strengthened springs (to aid with edge retention) make up the Luxe’s spring layer. Memory foam with gel infusion and copper make up the layer. A quilted cover encases both layers.


  • Best for: All sleeping styles
  • Type: Hybrid 
  • Available sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
  • Firmness (1 softest to 10 firmest): 4
  • Motion isolation (1 awful to 10 best): 3
  • Heat dissipation (1 traps heat to 10 stays cool): 3
  • Edge support (1 awful to 10 best): 4
  • Weight (queen): 90 lbs.
  • Thickness: 12 in.
  • Trial period and warranty: 100 nights, 10 years
  • Shipping and returns: Free shipping and returns
  • White glove delivery: No

Delivery and setup

Allswell used to provide “White Glove” delivery, but they stopped offering it during the pandemic and never got back to it. Choose between in-store pickup or delivery at any Walmart location. We needed a mattress immediately, and the Walmart near me had one in stock, so I went with the second option. The mattress was mine after a short journey and a few clicks.

Your mattress will be sent in a sizable box, compressed, regardless of the option you select. We were able to fit it all into our car, but a helping hand would be required to lift and transfer the 90-pound queen bed box.

Once that is done, setting up the bed is as simple as unboxing it, removing the mattress, slicing the plastic, and then watching as it expands to its full size. It only took a few minutes for the Luxe.

Our review of the Allswell Luxe Mattress

Although it was intended for the guest bedroom, I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping on this mattress. Actually, I slept on the Luxe for a while because my main bedroom mattress was giving me so much back pain that we couldn’t afford to acquire a new. In comparison to other mattresses in its price range, the Luxe is incredibly comfy.

For the record, I have the aforementioned back issues and sleep on both my back and sides. My hips and arms hurt when I sleep on my side on a mattress that is excessively hard. When I sleep on my back, I have back pain due to the lack of support caused by a mattress that is excessively soft. In my opinion, the Luxe is too soft to be a good choice for back sleepers, but it’s perfect for side sleepers.

Regrettably, the lack of firmness in it makes it an inadequate barrier against movement. My spouse and I have always sunk toward the center of the bed whenever we’ve slept together. In my opinion, a queen mattress is perfect for a guest room or if you prefer to sleep on your side, but a king would be a better choice if you plan on sharing your bed with a partner often.

Our sleep reporter puts every mattress through our regular testing procedure, which includes motion isolation and edge retention. According to his findings, the Allswell Luxe’s strengthened coils around the border contributed to its good edge retention performance in these objective testing. Personally, I feel a little unsupported when I sleep on the edge of the bed, but it’s firm enough to sit on while putting on shoes. So, I’d say the edge retention is okay.

Cons to consider

Those who often sleep alone will find the Luxe to be an exceptionally comfortable option, as indicated before. You should absolutely get the king size if you sleep with a spouse. If you don’t, you’re going to experience some serious cramping. The results of our sleep reporter’s testing corroborated my own thoughts on the matter.

In addition, the mattress gets rather hot when you sleep. It becomes really hot in there when my boyfriend is in the bed, and I perspire a lot when I sleep alone. Once again, this mattress is ideal for people who sleep alone.

One more minor gripe: the cover has a tendency to bunch up on the mattress, which makes for some uncomfortable pressure spots when you’re trying to sleep. They are smoothable, but you have to endure the annoyance of doing so every night before you go to sleep. If you’re a light sleeper like me, you might want to think about this; it doesn’t annoy my partner nearly as much as it does me.

What are your alternatives?

If you’re still not sure if the Luxe is right for you, you may return it within 100 nights and get your money back. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced mattress, we recommend Allswell’s base model.

Look out our buying guide to the greatest mattress for extra suggestions. To further assist you, we have compiled specialized guides for various needs, such as the best cooling mattress, best foam mattress, best hybrid mattress, and best mattress for back problems.

The bottom line

If you’re shopping for a budget bed for a single person or are furnishing a guest bedroom, the Allswell Luxe is a great pick. Considering the price tag of less than $500, it’s a surprisingly comfy mattress. You should probably go for a king size or larger if you’re a couple because it doesn’t do a good job of transferring motion or heat.

Pros: Affordable, supportive, quick to set up, available at most Walmarts, 100-night trial, 10-year warranty, perfect for guest rooms and lone sleepers.

Cons: It becomes hot while sleeping, transfers a lot of movement, isn’t great for couples, and the cover rolls up.

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