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Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress Review

A new online-only bedding brand, Allswell, is reportedly dominating the mattress market. The spin-off’s design-forward ethos revolves around the idea of assisting clients in locating their “Instagram-worthy dream bed.” Now that the digital line is live, I can finally examine the Allswell Luxe Hybrid, the flagship mattress in the collection.


It is my habit to begin any discussion of a mattress with a brief overview of the materials that went into its construction. Thus, without further ado, let us examine the Allswell Luxe Hybrid’s construction.

In order to provide a complete night’s sleep that is both supportive and relieving of pressure. The Luxe Hybrid is constructed using a hybrid design, as I indicated earlier. A pocketed coil system and plush foam are its tools for this task.

Cover – The cover is quilted with 3″ of memory and ultra-soft foam; it is identical to the one used in the Luxe Classic. Sleepers will feel instant pressure alleviation and pleasant cooling from this blend of foams.

Comfort Layer – The inch of Airflow Foam under the plush cover is comparable to memory foam in that it responds slowly to pressure. Creating a combination of sinkage and contouring that is both comfortable and supportive. But this material is great at distributing body heat and is breathable, unlike memory foam.

Transition Layer – The 2.5″ of pliable polyfoam comes out next. This part serves as a transition between the softer upper layer and the harder pocketed coil system below; it is firmer than the previous segment. The buoyant support of the mattress becomes particularly apparent at this point.

Support Layer – This layer consists of 7.5 inches of pocketed coils. Which provide the bed with the majority of its resilience and support. Since these coils are individually encased, they will promote airflow and provide exceptional motion isolation.

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Upon examining the structures of these Allswell beds, let us now discuss their various levels of hardness and tactile sensations.

As I exerted a gentle pressure on the Allwell Luxe Hybrid. I noticed an immediate tactile response from the plush foams that were intricately quilted into the cover. I experienced a comfortable sensation as my hand effortlessly slid into this layer. Providing me with a noticeable sense of pressure alleviation. As I applied more pressure, I felt the mattress compress and rebound due to the presence of the polyfoam transition layer and the pocketed coil support system.

Although the perception of feel is subjective. This information should provide you with a more accurate understanding of the firmness you may anticipate from these mattresses.

Based on the graph provided, the Allswell Luxe received an average firmness rating of 6.9 from my testers. When compared to the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness, it is evident that this bed is slightly firmer than medium.

Based on my personal evaluation, I rated the bed a 6.5 since I found that its pocketed coil technology placed me on the surface of the mattress and offered me resilient support. It is important to mention that those who are larger sleepers may experience a different interaction with this system. Due to their weight, they are more likely to sink directly through to the coils, resulting in a stronger overall structural sensation. Nevertheless, the supple foam layers will continue to provide excellent body contouring, resulting in rapid alleviation of pressure.


Rather than just describing the feel of the Allswell Luxe Hybrid to you. I wanted to give a visual representation of where someone may feel pressure points form while lying on them.

In order to accomplish this, I positioned a pressure map on the surface of each mattress and reclined in three different positions: on my back, on my side, and on my stomach. The findings can be observed in the photos below, where pressure is depicted using a color gradient ranging from blue (indicating low pressure) to red (indicating high pressure).

  • Back – Reclining on my back, I experienced a profound sense of alleviation from the mattress. The upper foam layers effectively conform to the contours of my body and provide support to the lumbar region. Making it ideal for individuals who sleep on their back. Although I experienced some sinking in the bed, I did not feel trapped in the mattress and could easily adjust my position.
  • Side – As I shifted my position, I experienced the development of pressure on my hips and shoulders, as depicted in the figure above. Side sleepers typically favor a softer mattress to relieve tension in sensitive areas. Therefore, I suggest that dedicated side sleepers consider the softer variant of the Allswell mattress.
  • Stomach – As I shifted my position, I experienced the development of pressure on my hips and shoulders, as depicted in the figure above. Side sleepers typically favor a softer mattress to relieve tension in sensitive areas. Therefore, I suggest that dedicated side sleepers consider the softer variant of the Allswell mattress.


Now, let’s discuss motion transfer, which refers to the degree of movement that may be detected when shifting from one side of the bed to the other. This test will be particularly significant for individuals intending to share their bed with a partner. Since it will determine whether their nocturnal trips to the bathroom will disrupt your sleep.

In order to demonstrate the transfer of motion. I conducted an experiment where I released a 10-pound steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches. I then measured the resulting disturbance generated by the ball’s impact. It was seen that the magnitude of the disturbance increased proportionally with the height of the drop.

I think these are high scores for motion transfer. The individually wrapped coils do a good job of blocking motion. But the firmer foams on top don’t really do much to get rid of the noise. Keep in mind, though, that you might feel your partner moving around during the night. This is especially important if you have trouble sleeping.


Most people want to know if they’ll feel like they’re “into” or “on top” of the mattress before they buy a new one.

To see this sinking, I put four balls on the Allswell beds. One was a 6-pound medicine ball, the other was a 10-pound steel ball. The third was a 50-pound medicine ball, and the fourth was a 100-pound medicine ball. I measured how much they compressed the surface.

It looks like the Allswell Home bed will have a lot of different amounts of sinkage, but let’s test it to be sure.

  • 6-pound medicine ball: 1 inch of sinkage.
  • 10-pound steel ball: 1.5 inches of sinkage.
  • 50-pound medicine ball: 3.5 inches of sinkage.
  • 100-pound medicine ball: 5 inches of sinkage.

When I look at these rates of sinkage next to other mattress reviews I’ve written. I can say that they are all below average. Pocketed coils and a bouncy transition layer help lift the sleeper up and out of bed, so the Allswell Hybrid is not likely to make you feel stuck. This is great news for people who sleep on their stomachs, as I said in the section on pressure. Who gain the most from this kind of firm support.


Finally, edge support is important if you’re going to share a bed with someone and need to use the whole mattress.

Having my back against the Allswell Firm’s edgeI felt safe whether I was on my back on the side of the bed or in the middle. The support layer kept me on top of the bed very well, and my weight was spread out properly. As I moved closer to the edge, I felt a little tension through the top layers of foam, but it still felt solid.

When I rolled over on my side, I still felt well supported at the edge. In the picture above, you can see some compression. But the folded coil system helped me get in and out of the structure. So I never felt stuck or like I was going to roll out of bed.

I wanted this pose to make you feel like you’re sitting on the bed in the morning while putting on your shoes and getting ready for the day. It’s common for beds to feel very compressed in this position, but the Allswell Hybrid did really well.


  • Sleep Trial: 100 days.
  • Warranty: 10 years.
  • Shipping: Sent right to your door in a box, packed. Ground shipping for all beds costs $25, and white glove service costs $99. Please keep in mind that you can’t try out Allswell Home beds in stores like Walmart just yet, which is why you have 100 nights to do so.


If you’re sure that the Allswell is the right mattress for you, here are the sizes and prices of the beds. Please keep in mind that these prices are the normal ones.

Now that we’ve looked at the Allswell Luxe Classic Hybrid, let’s see how it stacks up against other beds so you can choose the best one for you. I’ve marked below the types of people that each bed is best for:

  • Stomach sleepers – As we’ve talked about throughout the review, this is a firm mattress that would be great for anyone who sleeps on their back. Your hips will stay raised and out of the bed thanks to the coiled coil system. This will keep your spine in a good position.
  • Don’t want to feel stuck – The Luxe Hybrid might be a good choice for you if you like to sleep but don’t want to feel stuck in your bed. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping “on top” of the mattress instead of “in” it thanks to the transition layer and the individually wrapped coils.
  • Heavier sleepers – If you sleep heavier and want good support, the Luxe Hybrid might be the right mattress for you. Being able to bounce around a lot and pull up strongly, it might be perfect for people who get stuck in other beds.
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