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Adopt Me Trading Values: How to Navigate the Virtual Pet Economy

Adopt Me Trading Values
Adopt Me Trading Values How to Navigate the Virtual Pet Economy – WelloGraph

A lot of people like playing Adopt Me, an online game where they can take care of virtual pets. There is a bustling marketplace in the game where users may purchase, sell, and exchange virtual goods and pets. The Adopt Me trading market isn’t easy to navigate, particularly for newcomers. It is crucial to know how much pets and stuff are worthwhile trading in order to prevent scams and make successful trades.

To help you navigate the virtual pet economy with confidence, we’ve compiled a list of Adopt Me trading values and explained them in this post.

Understanding Adopt Me Trading Values

An item’s or pet’s worth in Adopt Me is based on its age, demand, and rarity. You can trade unicorns and dragons, two extremely uncommon creatures, for other rare pets or even numerous goods, and their value is skyrocketing. Dogs and cats, which are common household pets, are typically included as extras in trades because of their low market worth.

An item’s or pet’s market value may rise or fall depending on demand. Trading values can be higher for popular pets and items, like neon or gigantic versions of pets, than for less popular ones. Lastly, a pet’s market worth may change depending on its age. Some pets, like the giraffe or shadow dragon, have long since disappeared from the game, but you can still exchange them for other rare creatures or things.

Determining Trading Values

You can use trade charts and guidelines made by seasoned players to find out how much an item or pet is worth in Adopt Me. The rarity, demand, and age of each pet determine its projected market value, which are detailed in the accompanying charts. Keep in mind that trading values are subject to change depending on supply and demand in the market. Items and pets that were popular last month might not have the same value this month.

To stay safe from scams, it’s wise to check the values of pets and things with numerous sources before trading, and only trade with players you trust. Con artists may ask for too much money in exchanges while offering valuable items or pets, or they may sell rare creatures at a low price.

Which pet has the highest Adopt Me value?

From Halloween 2019 onwards, the legendary Bat Dragon (Candy) pet will take the top spot in terms of Adopt Me value, replacing the long-standing Shadow Dragon (Robux) pet. They were exclusive event pets, so you can only get them through trade now. You can’t buy them in-game.

How do you win trades in Adopt Me?

Making successful transactions in Adopt Me relies on knowing your trade values, therefore it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them using the tools provided. Most importantly, be patient! Never engage in a deal unless you are certain of a win or a mutually beneficial outcome. See our Adopt Me trading guide if you’re interested in learning the ropes of Adopt Me trading.

Our Adopt Me values suggestions have come to an end; we hope they have been helpful in your Adopt Me trading endeavors. To discover more, you can visit our Roblox promo codes page, which includes codes for King Legacy, Blox Fruits, Anime Adventures, Shindo Life, and more. You can also browse our top Roblox games to discover new games to play today.

Trading Process

Select “Trade” from the interaction menu (or hit 1 on a keyboard) after clicking the player whose goods or services the player wishes to trade with. A trade request will be sent to the other player, who can then decide whether to accept or reject it. Upon acceptance, the trading menu is accessible to both parties. Clicking the green “+” icon and choosing an item to trade allows each player to add an item. To withdraw an item from the transaction, click on it in the trade menu. As soon as a transaction starts, a number in the menu’s lower right corner starts counting from 5, and it resets every time the player adds or removes an item. To avoid inadvertently accepting a trade after objects have been withdrawn, added, or changed, this cool-down is in place. At the end of the countdown, it will change to a green “accept” button; in order for the trade to go through, both parties must push it. The deal will not go through if either player quits the game or clicks the red “decline” button while it is in progress. Another way a trade may fail is through fail trading, which is now disabled because Adopt Me! fixed the issue by removing the icons that allow players to engage with each other during trades.

The game will display a pop-up warning both the other party that they might be the victim of a fraud and the player involved in the trade if the trade is deemed “unfair” by the game. If the deal goes through, each side has fifteen additional seconds to decide whether to accept or decline, giving them extra time to deliberate.

No other player will receive trading requests if they have their settings set to “friends only” or have their trades disabled, and the player initiating the trade will be notified accordingly.


Understanding the trading values of pets and objects is necessary before making deals in Adopt Me’s trading economy, which may be a thrilling and entertaining way to acquire rare pets and items. To stay safe when trading, it’s a good idea to refer to trading charts, double-check trading values with other sources, and only trade with people you trust. You may become an expert Adopt Me trader and amass a collection of rare and costly pets by following these suggestions.

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