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Gisele Schmidt: All about Gary Oldman’s Spouse and Their Family Life

Gisele Schmidt

Gary Oldman, one of the most acclaimed actors of our day, is married to the beautiful Gisele Schmidt. Her husband has been nominated for every major acting award there is. Who, though, is Gary Oldman’s fifth wife? English actor Gary Oldman is one of the rare individuals in the entertainment world with a very broad career. The actor has appeared in both stage productions and movies.

The Golden Globe and Academy Award winner (at age 64) is well-known for his powerful performances. Films including “Sid and Nancy,” “The Fifth Element,” and “Darkest Hour” have included him.

Oldman is not only an outstanding performer but also a well-regarded director. The gifted artist is doing well in his job and has found a lovely partner with whom to share his life. Oldman is married to the artist Gisele Schmidt.


Many people are curious about Gisele Schmidt beyond the fact that she is Gary Oldman’s wife since he is a well-known actor and director. Schmidt is a writer and art curator.

Schmidt is recognized for “Darkest Hour” and “E! Live from the Red Carpet.” On the set of “Darkest Hour” in 2017, she reportedly worked as Oldman’s assistant.

Gisele Schmidt is a photographer and a fan of the work of artist and photographer Ian Ruhter, as evidenced by her Instagram account. Her husband and Ruhter ended up working together, and their efforts are chronicled in “The Carnival of Dreams.”

Gisele Schmidt isn’t Oldman’s first wife, as she has been married before. The curator has a son with her ex-husband; the two were in a long-term relationship and married for almost twenty years. The former couple chose the name William for their one and only kid together.

Divorce can affect the relationships between former spouses. Gisele Schmidt and her ex-spouse are parenting their child happily despite their divorce. The author is rumored to get along well with her ex-spouse. Even Schmidt and Oldman’s present spouse, Oldman, has called Schmidt’s ex-husband a “great guy.”


Gisele Schmidt

In the midst of Oldman’s divorce from his fourth wife, he began seeing model Gisele Schmidt. They apparently knew each other for a long time before they got married.

The two tied the knot in August of 2017 in front of only a few dozen close family and friends at a small, intimate ceremony. The celebration was hosted by Oldman’s manager, Doug Urbanski, in his Los Angeles home.

The idea Oldman proposed was out of the ordinary. The award-winning actor proposed to Schmidt while dressed as Winston Churchill, who is his role in “Darkest Hour.”

There was a break in filming, and we had spoken about it,” Oldman revealed of the proposal on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And then, without any warning, I dragged her into the map room and asked her to marry me in my best Winston Churchill impression. In the end, she accepted.

Oldman has said he’s convinced the fifth time’s a charm while talking about his marriage to Schmidt, who is his fifth wife. He first told the New York Daily News:

“You know, you must go through the others sometimes. I did my thing, and now we’re as compatible as two peas in a pod. Finally, at the age of nearly 60, I feel like I’ve arrived.

It looks like Gisele Schmidt and Oldman are doing a fantastic job as parents. The pair enjoys showing off their blended family on social media and co-parenting their four children from prior marriages.

The photographer and her ex-husband have a son named William, while Oldman has three sons named Alfie, Charlie, and Gulliver from his previous marriages.


Gisele Schmidt is Gary Oldman’s fifth wife, as was previously revealed. The film director’s first wife was actress Lesley Manville.

Their marriage didn’t last long, only from 1987 to 1989. Alfie, the son of Oldman and Manville, was reportedly only three months old when his parents divorced.

After Oldman divorced Manville, he sealed the knot with well-known Hollywood actress Uma Thurman. They wed in 1990, and their marriage lasted till 1992. Oldman said that his life with Thurman was like “living with an angel,” yet Vanity Fair called their marriage “turbulent.”

Donya Fiorentino, who the actor met in 1996, became his third wife in 1997. Fiorentino is said to have accused Oldman of abusing her and leading a reckless lifestyle during their marriage. Oldman countered that Fiorentino married him simply for his fame.

In 2001, after a “nightmare” marriage that was allegedly plagued by addiction, the couple publicly separated. Charlie and Gulliver, their two kids, were born to them. Fiorentino accused Oldman of more than just abuse.

Fiorentino further alleged that Gary Oldman wrecked her life when the actor won custody of their children after a long 15-year fight. In 2018, the mother of two said her ex-husband had cut her out of their children Charlie and Gulliver’s lives.

The “Dark Knight” star tied the knot with the musician and vocalist Alexandra Edenborough in 2008. During their divorce settlement in 2015, Oldman and his ex-wife split their assets, which included millions of dollars. The actor claims that the age difference between them was the downfall of their relationship.

We’ll take Oldman at his word that his fifth marriage to Schmidt will be the one that finally stands the test of time. Wow, what a beautiful hybrid family!

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