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The famous Colombians who have opened an OnlyFans account

famous Colombians
famous Colombians

Luly Bossa

The most recent celebrity to make the announcement that she opened an account on the adult content social network is the famous Colombians actres Luly Bossa, 57 years old.

Luly Bossa
Luly Bossa

The thin veil that still guards my sanctuary makes your imagination fly, turning my skin and your impudence into poetry,” the artist wrote on her Twitter account along with a sensual photograph in which she appears naked, only covered by a white sheet.

Although she has not specifically spoken about whether the type of content she will upload on OnlyFans will be pornographic or less explicit, apparently, from the photos she has already shown, this would be suggestive.

What is known is that she charges 12 dollars per subscription, which is equivalent to about 43,000 Colombian pesos.

Aura Cristina Geithner

In February of this year, the renowned actress Aura Cristina Geithner, 53, announced, through her Instagram stories, her entry into OnlyFans. “ I am preparing content for my followers who are always aware of my photos ,” the actress indicated at that time.

Registration on the page, for one month, costs 200 Mexican pesos (more than 35 thousand famous Colombians pesos), while other types of personalized content, such as a signed photo, costs 500 pesos (more than 88 thousand Colombian pesos). .

A little over a month after opening her account, in which she shares daring videos and photos but not “vulgar” or “daring” – as she claimed -, the actress already has more than 1,000 subscribers.

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Daniela Legarda

The ‘influencer’ Daniela Legarda, sister of Fabio Legarda, the late reggaeton singer, also joined the platform in November of last year. However, from the beginning she assured that she will not use the platform to create adult content, but rather that she will share exclusive content.

I just created an OnlyFans where I will be sharing exclusive content, like my music before it comes out, behind the scenes, bloopers, photos, special content, ” she informed her followers in an Instagram post.

Esperanza Gomez

The renowned porn actress Esperanza Gómez, 50, also has an OnlyFans account in which she charges 20 dollars (about 72 thousand famous Colombians pesos) monthly and shares exclusive erotic photos and videos.

However, the famous she sometimes launches promotions charging 16 and 54 dollars for one month and three months, respectively. The famous woman has also been involved in FanCentro streaming, as her new personal project.

Aida Cortés

Aida Cortés
Aida Cortés

Aída Cortés is the most successful Colombian on OnlyFans. This famous Colombians ‘influencer’, who has more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram, sparked controversy by saying that there have been months in which she makes between 90 and 120 million Colombian pesos thanks to this platform.

The Santander has subscriptions for 29 dollars per month (about 105 thousand famous Colombians pesos) and 54 dollars for three months (approximately 282 thousand Colombian pesos).

Cintia Cossio

Cossio, recognized for her appearance on the program ‘Acapulco Shore’ and for being the sister of Yeferson Cossio – the ‘influencer’ who shocked the country by implanting breasts to meet a challenge on Instagram – also has an account on this controversial platform.

The ‘influencer’, who has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram, uploads erotic and also pornographic content on this platform on which she charges 25 dollars (about 90 thousand famous Colombians pesos) per month.


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