Weather Station is a device which fetches your local weather data such as temperature, humidity, atmosphere pressure,  rainfall, wind speed, etc through the sensors which is attached to the weather station.

However, choosing a weather station might be a cumbersome process as there are lots of weather stations on the market already. Our experts at Wellograph decide to list the top weather stations in 2018 based on the user reviews, performance, the accuracy of the product.

Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue

The Davis Instruments Vantage Vue 6250 equipment are designed mostly for people who need weather measurements for scaling and functioning for the purpose of their work than for those who are simply weather watchers. It is one of the best medium to support home gardeners as well as farmers in different ways.

Davis Vantage Vue 6250 offers such true accuracy that is almost absent in other weather station devices. It ensures accurate humidity, wind readings, and precipitation so that farmers can take adequate growth measures. This device, when kept outdoors is resistant to erosions or any other natural harm.

All the minute electronic devices are sealed well and kept away from moisture. Besides the nominal readings, Davis offers some additional units, that is, the additional sensors which are all connected to the similar system. This means that your entire farmland can be well linked up to the weather station.

AcuRite 010136 Pro Weather Station

This is a five-in-one weather station that does everything wirelessly. Precisely, it takes measurements of temperature, wind speed, humidity. rainfall and wind direction. Its accurate display of measurements is because of its high caliber technology. You will get updates of wind speed every 18 seconds, wind way every 30 seconds, and the humidity and temperature every 36 seconds.

It is best to use the feature of connecting it with your PC. The display of measurements can be arranged on your computer screen with the help of channelizing the data through a USB cable. Besides, you can set up weather alerts in case of abnormal humidity, temperature, wind, heavy rainfall, dew point, excessive heat, and storms.

When weather conditions take a toll you will be notified either by message or in an email. Place the device within a reach of 330 feet so that the transmissions provide a standard level of measurement. Above all, it is a package of a variety of features in a relatively cheap price.

AcuRite 00589 Pro Color Weather Station

If your criteria for a weather station are only the data, this weather station is apt for you. It manages the sensors of the machine. These sensors are managed by some devices in their sensors. These devices are a thermometer, hygrometer, and anemometer. These three join up to measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, pressure and many more. Keep in mind to keep the weather station within a range of 330 ft so that you get the data accurately.

It records things on a daily and monthly basis. An added feature of this particular weather station is its historical record of the past 12 hours. You can go back to the time and check its details. All the recorded data are displayed on specific colors so that you identify each of them distinctly and do not confuse one with another.   

La Crosse Technology S88907

If you do not want to spend much behind a weather station and have a very limited amount, this is the best option for you. Its integrated system of the sensors keeps it easy by only using a hygrometer and a thermometer.

The data recorded can be transferred wirelessly within a limit of 300 – 330 ft. you will get the records every 30 seconds of a time interval. The device’s barometric pressure is mostly dependent on its location. Also, consumers can view forecasting beforehand.

This forecasting is 70 – 75 % accurate. Further, if there is a bad weather condition to come about, it gives you an alert beforehand. Getting so many facilities at such a low rate is definitely a boon. Another aspect that will bring a smile to your face is that the weather station provides all its customers a warranty period of 1 year.  

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