Weather app plays an important role! If you have proper weather station app, you can able to check the weather forecast and the details. According to the weather forecast, you can make a trip or go outside.

Sometimes, this forecast offers great information and we can save ourselves from natural calamities. Here, in this article, we are going to offer you top 5 weather station apps for android and IOS phone. You can download from Google play store or Apple store.

Yahoo Weather App

This app is one of the best apps currently and this is for Android and iPhone users. People can install this app at free of cost. This app offers informative and accurate information about the weather. You can check local as well as other state weather details. You can watch five-day weather condition. 


Yahoo offers a clear and user-friendly app which offer several advantages. The installation process is very simple. Just go to play store or iPhone store and download it easily. Just try this app and know precise information about nature.

Weather Timeline

This is another best weather status app for android phone. It is advertisement free and highly configurable app. This app offers different types of data from different sources to their users. You can check different types of weather forecast using this app. The user can able to watch different locations weather and save multiple locations easily. 

This is absolutely free and you will get the hourly forecast. You can receive daily weather forecast like temperature, rain details, precipitation forecasts, etc.

1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar

This is another best app for both Android and IOS users. The user will get the striking and clean interface and best weather data. It offers quick details or summary about the present weather condition and hourly 12 weeks and 10 weeks forecast. 

In addition to the weather forecasts, 1Weather also delivers detailed radar maps with widgets, notifications, customizable data layers, and severe weather alerts where obtainable.


If you are an Android user, then try Yowindow app. It is one of the best app which offer accurate weather details. You can check hourly weather condition. If rain will come, then it shows the percentage of rain time wise. 

Easy to check all details and very simple to understand. This app is absolutely free for the android user. Simple to download and easy to use as well. Aware about the weather and make a plan as per that!


It is another popular weather status app for android user. But you have to pay some amount to download it. This app offers accurate information and details. So, try this app and get a better result. It will offer you minute by minutes weather prediction. This app is completely advertisement free and offers almost accurate data. They provide you notification about the weather and you can aware of the day. There are different countries weather details they will show you once you install it. Easy to use and simple to download. You just need a strong internet connection to get the best result.

So, if you want to know about the day and its weather, you can able download it weather app easily. This app offers you daily weather details, whether it’s bad or good, you can get an idea which help you to move forward.

You can make the decision easily using check the weather app.  So, search the net and choose the best weather app or you can select any weather app above stated and enjoy the accurate information. It helps you to protect yourself from natural disaster and make you secure.


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