What is Loki’s lifespan?

Loki is a fictional character from Norse mythology and comic books, so his lifespan differs depending on the particular version. In Norse mythology, Loki is said to live until Ragnarok where he fights against the gods and falls in battle. However, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films, he has been shown to be a Frost Giant who was adopted by Odin and therefore has a longer lifespan than normal humans. Since the exact length of his lifespan has not been specified in the movies, I don’t know an accurate answer to your question regarding how long Loki can live for.

How long do Asgardians live?

According to Marvel Comics, Asgardians have a significantly longer lifespan than humans. They age much slower and can live for thousands of years. However, their actual lifespan is not clearly defined in the Marvel Universe, so it is difficult to provide an exact answer.

Can Asgardians die of old age?

As per the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Asgardians can live for thousands of years, but they are not immortal and can die from fatal injuries or illnesses. However, it is unclear if they age in the traditional sense or simply continue to exist until their eventual demise. So, the answer to whether Asgardians can die of old age is not entirely clear.

How does Loki’s lifespan compare to other gods in Norse mythology?

Loki’s lifespan is not specifically mentioned in Norse mythology, but as one of the gods he is generally considered immortal. However, according to some stories, at the time of Ragnarok – the end of the world – Loki fights with and is killed by Heimdall. So while his exact lifespan may be unknown, it can be said that he does eventually meet his demise like many other gods in Norse mythology.

Does Loki have a natural lifespan or has he been granted immortality?

In Norse mythology, Loki is not considered immortal in the same way that many of the gods are. While he is a god himself, he can still suffer injury and death like any other creature. However, some interpretations may depict him as having certain abilities that could prolong his life or give the appearance of immortality.

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