Who is Moana’s villain?

Moana’s primary antagonist is a lava demon named Te Ka, who is initially mistaken for the main villain but later revealed to be the transformed version of the island goddess Te Fiti.

What is the name of the villain in Moana?

The name of the villain in Moana is Te Kā.

Can you identify the bad guy in Moana?

The main antagonistic force in Moana is Te Kā, the lava monster who was once the island goddess Te Fiti without her heart. However, Te Kā is not entirely a “bad guy” as she was just trying to protect herself and considers Maui stealing her heart as an act of aggression.

Who plays the antagonist in Moana?

The main antagonist in Moana is Te Kā, the lava demon.

What is the backstory of Moana’s villain?

The villain in Moana is named Te Kā, who some may mistake for a villain, but was actually once the island goddess of life known as Te Fiti. According to legend, Maui – demigod and master wayfinder – stole the heart of Te Fiti which caused darkness to spread across the world. The loss of her heart turned Te Fiti into a lava demon called Te Kā.

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