Can Magneto lift Vibranium?

In the Marvel Comics universe, Magneto has been shown to be able to manipulate Vibranium. However, it’s worth noting that the comics have sometimes shown inconsistencies in his ability to manipulate Vibranium. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), we haven’t seen Magneto as of yet since he is owned by Fox Studios and not currently a part of the MCU.

What is Magneto’s maximum lifting power?

Magneto, a fictional character from Marvel Comics, has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields. The limits of his powers have varied throughout his comic book history, but at his peak power level, he has been shown to lift and manipulate massive objects such as asteroids and entire buildings. However, a specific numerical maximum lifting power has not been established for Magneto in the comics.

Could Magneto lift a Vibranium object of any size or weight?

Yes, Magneto has the ability to manipulate all forms of metal, including Vibranium. So he can lift a Vibranium object of any size or weight as long as it is made of a ferrous material.

Has Magneto ever interacted with Vibranium before?

Yes, Magneto has interacted with Vibranium before in various comic book storylines. In fact, he once attempted to extract the metal from the Savage Land to use it against the X-Men. Additionally, in another storyline, Magneto tried to conquer Wakanda for its Vibranium deposits.

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