What is Mexican slang for brother?

The Mexican slang for brother is “carnal” or “hermano”.

What are some common Mexican slang terms for family members?

Some common Mexican slang terms for family members are:

– Vieja/o or jefa/e for mother/father
– Brocha/bro or carnal/cuñado (even if they are not actually in-laws) for brother
– Chava/nena/chica or hermana/ostra for sister
– Güey, compa, cuate, primo/hermano (again, even if they are not actual relatives) for friend

It is important to note that some of these terms can be considered vulgar in certain contexts, and should only be used with close friends or family members.

Can you provide examples of Mexican slang words for brothers?

Yes, some Mexican slang words for “brothers” are:

1. Compa
2. Carnal
3. Güey
4. Broder or Bróder (this one is more used in the North)
5. Vato

It’s worth mentioning that the use of slang words may vary by region and context, so not all Mexicans may use the same terms for “brothers”.

How do Mexicans commonly refer to their brothers in informal settings?

Mexicans commonly refer to their brothers in informal settings as “hermano” for males or “hermana” for females.

Is there a distinguishing way that Mexicans address male siblings compared to female siblings in slang language?

Yes, in Mexican slang language, male siblings are commonly referred to as “carnal” or “hermano” while female siblings are often called “cuate” or “hermana”. However, it’s important to note that this varies depending on the region and context.

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