Who blew up the Yamato?

The Yamato battleship was sunk during World War II by United States aircraft and submarines. The specific individual responsible for this attack cannot be attributed to any single person.

What happened to the Yamato?

The Yamato was a battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy that was sunk during World War II in April 1945, after being hit by Allied torpedoes and bombs. The sinking of the Yamato is considered one of Japan’s greatest naval losses.

When did the Yamato sink?

The Yamato, a Japanese battleship, sank on April 7, 1945 during the final stages of World War II.

Why was the Yamato targeted?

The Yamato battleship was targeted during World War II because it was the largest and most powerful battleship in the Japanese fleet at that time, and represented a significant threat to Allied navies. Additionally, its destruction was seen as a major symbolic victory for the Allies.

Who was responsible for attacking the Yamato?

The Japanese battleship Yamato was attacked and sunk by American aircraft during World War II on April 7, 1945. The responsibility for the attack lies with the United States military leadership at the time.

Can any survivors tell what happened to the Yamato?

Yes, survivors of the sinking of the Japanese battleship Yamato during World War II can share their firsthand accounts of what happened. However, it is important to keep in mind that memories may differ and eyewitness accounts may not always be completely accurate. Additionally, as time passes by, there may be fewer survivors still alive to share their stories.

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