Who is most likely to get a brain aneurysm?

Brain aneurysms can happen to anyone, but certain risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking, a family history of brain aneurysms, and some medical conditions like polycystic kidney disease or certain connective tissue disorders can increase your chances of developing one. However, it’s important to note that many people with these risk factors never develop a brain aneurysm. If you have concerns about your specific risk level, you should speak with a healthcare professional.

Can brain aneurysms be hereditary?

Yes, there is evidence to suggest that certain types of brain aneurysms may be hereditary. People with a family history of brain aneurysms are at higher risk of developing one themselves compared to the general population. However, having a family history does not guarantee that a person will develop an aneurysm. Other factors such as age, smoking and high blood pressure can also increase a person’s risk.

What age group is most at risk for developing a brain aneurysm?

The most common age range for developing a brain aneurysm is between 35 and 65 years old, but they can occur at any age.

Are there any lifestyle factors that increase the likelihood of getting a brain aneurysm?

Yes, some possible lifestyle factors that may increase the risk of developing brain aneurysm include smoking or tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, drug abuse (especially cocaine), and a family history of brain aneurysms. However, it is important to note that in many cases the cause of brain aneurysms remains unknown.

Can certain medical conditions raise the risk of developing a brain aneurysm?

Yes, certain medical conditions can raise the risk of developing a brain aneurysm. Some of these conditions include high blood pressure, smoking, drug abuse, and family history of brain aneurysms. Additionally, some hereditary disorders such as polycystic kidney disease and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome are associated with a higher risk of developing brain aneurysms.

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