Charting Stories, Crafting Perspectives
Charting Stories, Crafting Perspectives

Hachiko Sakuma: I’m Done with This Mom Gig

Hachiko Sakuma
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In a world where motherhood is often portrayed through rose-colored glasses, Hachiko Sakuma’s candid and poignant book, “I’m Done with This Mom Gig: My Last Year to Live” stands as a refreshing and authentic depiction of the joys and trials of being a mother. Sakuma’s honest and sincere narrative has made a lasting impression on readers all around the world. Let’s take a trip into the world of this fantastic writer and her fantastic books.

Who is Hachiko Sakuma?

To really appreciate “I’m Done with This Mom Gig,” it’s important to know who wrote it. Author and storyteller Hachiko Sakuma is widely admired for her poignant depictions of parenthood and humanity. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, and she has always loved stories and words. Her upbringing and life experiences have a significant impact on her writing style, which is why it is so honest and raw.

Unveiling “I’m Done with This Mom Gig: My Last Year to Live”

The fascinating tale of Hachiko Sakuma “I’m Done with This Mom Gig: My Last Year to Live” begins now. Kyoko Otsuka, the protagonist of this engaging tale, is 42 years old and has spent the last 13 years acting as “mom” to her defiant daughter and quiet husband. Kyoko assumed her normal, busy life would continue indefinitely, but then she was given a terminal diagnosis. Kyoko is so shaken by this information that she chooses to devote the rest of her life to “living for herself.” She tells her pampered, entitled children and husband that she is done being a “mom” and is reclaiming her identity as “Kyoko”!
There are ten chapters in this manga, and we’ve summarized them all here for you in one convenient paragraph.

Chapter 1# A Life-Altering Decision

The book begins with the author making the decision that will change her life forever: she would spend her last year as a mother totally present with her children. Here, the author gives a detailed account of the decisive moment that led her on this life-altering path. As she considers the immense significance of her final year as a mother, she opens up about her internal process, the rationale for her decision, and the emotional agony she endures. She tells her story so eloquently that we can feel her pain and understand her motivation.

Chapter 2# Embracing the Present

Present-moment awareness is a theme that runs throughout this book. The core idea of mindfulness and how it has altered her relationships with her kids. She talks about the importance of being in the now, letting go of distractions, and appreciating the little things that are frequently overlooked in the rush of daily life. The author encourages readers to examine their own connections to those they care about by detailing her personal path toward living in the now.

Chapter 3# Lessons in Gratitude

In this piece, the author discusses the profound effects that thankfulness has had on her life. She shares touching stories about how her kids have taught her to appreciate the little things in life. Readers will be inspired to examine their own lives and the people in them as they learn from these personal stories about the transformative power of gratitude.

Chapter 4# Navigating Parenthood Challenges

The author experiences a number of difficulties as a parent as she tries to make the most of her remaining time as a mother. He discusses the challenges she faces as a parent and how he has helped her through them. She discusses overcoming self-doubt, dealing with parenting challenges, and striking a balance between her personal goals and her responsibilities as a parent. She establishes a rapport with readers who can relate to her struggles as a parent since she is so open and honest about them.

Chapter 5# Cherishing Milestones

Here, the author recounts heartwarming stories of her children’s large and little achievements, and the immense pleasure and delight she felt at each one. She muses on the ephemeral nature of childhood and the significance of holding on to those memories. Her touching tales will inspire parents everywhere to savor every moment of their children’s growing up.

Chapter 6# Dealing with Emotions

The author bravely describes the roller coaster of feelings she goes through during her travels in this section. She lays naked her emotions, letting readers into the depth of her feelings, from enormous love and joy to nostalgia and grief. She hopes that sharing her emotional journey would help others become more accepting of and conscious of their own feelings.

Chapter 7# The Circle of Life

Here the author reflects on the cyclical nature of life and the immeasurable influence parents have on their offspring. She thinks about the principles and experiences she want to convey as well as the material things she can leave behind. Her self-reflective observations will make you think about your own hopes and dreams for your children and the legacy you hope to leave.

Chapter 8# Finding Strength in Vulnerability

Here, the author discusses some of the ways she has been able to draw power from being at her weakest. She discusses the importance of admitting flaws and using them as motivation to improve. Her personal stories are honest and encouraging, showing how vulnerability can actually be a source of strength.

Chapter 9# Embracing Imperfection

In this passage, the author critiques the ideal of the ideal mother and the unreasonable expectations placed on parents nowadays. An imperfect parent is not a bad parent, she stresses, as she promotes self-acceptance and compassion. The author encourages her readers to stop striving for unattainable perfection by detailing her own experiences with this issue.

Chapter 10# The Journey of Self-Discovery

Here, the author explores how becoming a mother influenced and informed her own path to self-discovery. She considers how her improved self-awareness influences her relationships with her kids and the world at large. By sharing her own journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, she hopes to inspire others to do the same.

The Impact of “I’m Done with This Mom Gig: My Last Year to Live”

Sakuma’s book has been lauded by critics and readers alike for its unfiltered honesty and profound impact. In doing so, she has created a sense of belonging among mothers who battle with the ideal of “having it all together.” A source of strength, “I’m Done with This Mom Gig” exhorts mothers to accept themselves as they are and to take pride in their individual paths.


To say that Hachiko Sakuma’s “I’m Done with This Mom Gig” goes beyond the bounds of the typical motherhood story would be an understatement. She has changed the way we honor mothers by changing the way we see mothers through her honest and moving narratives. Sakuma encourages other mothers to laugh at themselves, accept their shortcomings, and band together in her book. For mothers everywhere looking for comfort, insight, and agency, her writing is a beacon.

As we commemorate Hachiko Sakuma’s remarkable talent and contribution to literature, let us carry her lessons with us, cherishing the beauty of imperfect parenting.

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