Is Five Guys fresh or frozen?

Five Guys uses fresh beef which is never frozen.

Where does Five Guys source their meat from?

Five Guys sources its meat from multiple suppliers across the United States, but they do not disclose the specific names or locations of these suppliers.

How does Five Guys ensure the freshness of their ingredients?

Five Guys ensures the freshness of their ingredients by using only high-quality ingredients sourced from reliable suppliers. They use never frozen 100% beef, and all ingredients are prepared fresh daily in each restaurant. Additionally, they don’t use any microwaves, freezers or timers while preparing the food to ensure it’s always fresh and hot.

Does Five Guys use frozen ingredients in any of their menu items?

No, Five Guys does not use frozen ingredients in any of their menu items. They only use fresh ingredients to prepare their burgers, fries, hot dogs, and other menu items.

What is the quality standard for the ingredients used at Five Guys?

Five Guys doesn’t have an official quality standard for their ingredients, but they do use fresh and high-quality meat and produce. They source their ingredients from reputable suppliers and strive to provide the freshest possible food to their customers.

Are the buns at Five Guys freshly baked or frozen/thawed?

The buns at Five Guys are freshly baked.

Does Five Guys have a policy on food safety and handling?

Yes, Five Guys has a comprehensive policy on food safety and handling. They follow strict guidelines to ensure that all food is prepared and served safely to their customers. Their policies include various procedures for cleaning and sanitizing equipment, hand-washing, storing food properly, cooking temperatures, and more.

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