What symbiote has blue eyes?

As far as I know, there is no specific symbiote that always has blue eyes. Depending on the host it bonds with, a symbiote’s eye color could be different shades of red, yellow or white. However, some iterations of Carnage have been depicted with blue eyes in certain comic series.

Which symbiote has a blueeyed design?

There is no symbiote with a blue-eyed design in the official Marvel Comics canon. While some fan art or non-canon depictions may exist, I am not aware of any canonical symbiote with blue eyes.

Are there any symbiotes with blue eyes in the Marvel Universe?

No, to my knowledge, there are no symbiotes with blue eyes in the Marvel Universe.

Can you describe the appearance of the symbiote with bluecolored eyes?

I’m not exactly sure which symbiote you are referring to, as there have been several in different comic book series and movies. However, generally speaking, symbiotes are typically black or dark blue in color with large white eyes. Some versions of the character have also had blue-colored accents or glowing blue eyes.

In which comic book series or movie did we see a symbiote with bluecolored eyes?

As far as I know, all versions of the symbiote character in Marvel comics and movies have white-colored eyes. I’m not aware of any version with blue-colored eyes.

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